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September Newsletter 2014


September 2014 Newsletter

I’m sure that everybody is well settled into the new school year at this stage! It feels as if we were never away. This year is a “new beginning” for us as we are now a co-educational school, with pupils from Junior Infants to Sixth Class. We are delighted with the change and very pleased with the fact that the transition has been so smooth. We are very proud to have been part of the wonderful tradition of educating “The Boys of Wexford” for 165 years. We have now begun a new chapter in the history of the school and we are really looking forward to it. Let us all enjoy the journey as home and school work together for the benefit of the children in our care.

Jos Furlong




We welcome all the new pupils and their families to the C.B.S. Primary School community. Our wish is that the children will be happy in the school and that they will enjoy their learning. We also have some new members of staff and we welcome them as well – Meabh Shannon is one of our Learning Support/Resource teachers, Emma Cosgrave is teaching 2nd Class and Áine Breen is teaching 3rd Class.

Pupil Accident Insurance

The children brought home the insurance forms some time ago and the final day for us to accept completed forms and payment will be Tuesday 30th September. The insurance company will not accept any applications to join the scheme after that date.


In each monthly newsletter we refer to the pupils’ attendance in an effort to remind everybody about the importance of good school attendance. However, for all the “talk” about attendance, as Principal of the school I am concerned about the level of absences that some of our pupils have. You will be aware that I am legally obliged to report pupils for absences of 20 or more days. In July 2014, at the end of the last school year, I reported 31 pupils out of a school population of 235. That is the highest figure in quite a few years and my honest opinion is that it isn’t good enough. I urge all parents to be very aware of the importance of good school attendance. Every day does count. The attendance to date in this school year has been very good, 95.8%. September’s attendance is usually good – it’s the start of a new school year and the weather is often nice. However, it is important that this good start is maintained.

Fun Run 2014

The 27th Annual Fun Run will take place on Friday 3rd October. It’s always a great fun event as everybody, pupils and staff, wear fancy dress that afternoon. There will be prizes for the best dressed classes and the children from 2nd to 6th class will run along the traditional route which will be supervised by staff members and parents. If you would like to assist with the supervision, please contact our school secretary, Mary Goodison. The children in Junior Infants, Senior Infants and 1st Class will also dress up and will walk a separate route. Detailed information about the arrangements for the Fun Run will be sent home next week. The Fun Run is also the school’s big fundraiser for the year. Last year €6,560 was raised in sponsorship. The pupils received their Fun Run cards this week and hopefully you will be able to assist them to get sponsorship which will be used to enhance the school’s resources.

Spanish Students

For the second year in a row we have Spanish students in the school for a six week period. The six boys are in our two 5th Classes and will be here until Thursday 10th October. They have come from two Sacred Heart schools in Madrid, Virgen de Mirasierra and Martin de Los Heros. It has been a very good experience for everybody to date and we wish Javier, Bruno, Nacho, Guillermo, Juancar and Victor well for the remainder of their stay.

Financial Contributions

  • Each year we ask parents to make contributions to assist with the running of the school. If the funding from the Department of Education was adequate, such financial contributions from parents wouldn’t be needed. We are very grateful for the many contributions which have been made already. However, we would like to remind parents that some contributions are still outstanding. If you are unsure as to which contributions you have made feel free to phone the school to check.
  • There is a charge of €20 per pupil which assists with the cost of photocopying and art materials. To date contributions for 189 children have been made by parents. We have 251 pupils enrolled in the school this year, with 61 contributions outstanding. For those who still have to pay you might like to take the option of paying €10 this month and the balance of €10 before the Halloween Break.

  • The €10 iPad contribution represents excellent value for the use of an iPad throughout the school year. Currently there is €560 outstanding.

  • There is also the Parents’ Council contribution of €30 per family. To date €2,925 has been contributed.



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