School Rules

  • CBS Primary School, Wexford

School Rules

1.     I will respect people and their property (including my own).

2.     I will keep the school clean and tidy.

3.     I will wear the school uniform at all times, unless teacher says otherwise.

4.     In class, I will raise my hand and wait quietly for attention.

5.     I will have a note from my parents if I have been absent or late, or if I am requesting permission to leave the school before 2.50 p.m.

6.   I will be quiet and remain seated if the teacher leaves the room.

7.   I will be honest at all times.

8.   In class, I will be silent and listen to the person speaking.

9.   I will work well and not waste time.

10  I will line up properly when leaving the school and after breaks, and I will walk quietly within the school.

11. I will take correction and accept penalties without objection.

12. I will not eat chewing gum or crisp-type snacks in school.

In circular 20/90 the Department of Education and Science presented a suggested Code of Behaviour and Discipline for National Schools.

The following strategies may be used to show disapproval of unacceptable behaviour:-

Reasoning with the pupil;

Reprimand (including advice on how to improve);

Temporary separation from peers, friends or others;

Loss of privileges;

Detention during a break or after school hours;

Prescribing additional work;

Referral to principal;

Communication with parents;

Suspension (Temporary); and


  • Serious offences and certain inappropriate misbehaviour will be dealt with immediately by the Principal.

  • This may result in suspension from school. Suspensions can be for one, two or three days. The suspension of a pupil from school is a very serious matter. A pupil who is suspended will lose ten stamps, in addition to two for each day that he is suspended. In effect, this means that a suspended pupil will lose twelve, fourteen or sixteen Positive Discipline Stamps.


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