School History

  • CBS Primary School, Wexford

School History

In 1849 the Christian Brothers came to Wexford from Waterford and opened their first school in the Faythe with the financial help of Mr. Richard Devereux. The Brothers lived in a house in William Street. Shortly afterwards they had to extend the school to cater for the numbers and to provide accommodation for the three Brothers who taught there.

George’s Street school was handed over to the Brothers in 1853 and 192 pupils attended. It remained open until 1971, when it was sold to Scowcream for £6250. The pupils transferred to the newly extended school in Green Street.

In 1873 Mr. Richard Devereux built a monastery in Joseph Street to house the Brothers at a cost of £2500. They live there to this day.R._Devereux_web

Two years later a new school was built at the rear end of the monastery by Richard Devereux. It cost £1,500. (The Secondary school is on this site at the present time).

The Faythe school was then transferred to the St. John of God Sisters.

The bell from the old St. Mary’s church was transferred to the monastery in 1885.

In 1939 a new school was opened at Green Street. It cost £15,959, including furniture. It was opened by Dr. Staunton, the Bishop of Ferns in a big ceremony. Many hundreds of townspeople attended and invited guests had a meal in Rooms 5 & 6.

1969 saw the first female teacher arrive at the school. Her name was Ms. Frawley (now known as Ms. Brett).

When the New Block was opened in 1971, 820 pupils attended the school, with an average of 50 pupils in each class!!

In 1972 The gym was opened and is shared between Primary and Secondary schools..

Mr. Jos Furlong became the first lay principal of the Primary School in 1999.

The school has been co-educational since 2014 and caters for all classes from Junior Infants to Sixth Class.

We’ve come a long way!!!

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