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  • CBS Primary School, Wexford

Positive Discipline Programme

· Each boy will receive ONE stamp in the morning and ONE stamp in the afternoon for good behaviour.

· At the end of the week, rewards are given based on the number of stamps received. (max. 10)

· A list of Rules is displayed in each classroom and stamps are forfeited for breaches of these rules.

· When a rule is broken the teacher will identify how the pupil has contravened the rule, explaining in writing why exactly the stamp has been taken.

· A red card is placed on the pupils desk as a reminder whenever a stamp is lost.

· There are no grey areas or different areas of tolerance. A boy should be able to say what rule he has broken.

· Stamps are awarded when a boy is absent, provided he has a written note to explain his absence.

· Only one stamp may be deducted for any offence.

· Any teacher may deduct stamps from a pupil in the school at any time


Short Term (Weekly)

The teacher chooses the rewards which he/she feels will be most effective in his/her classroom.


· The Positive Discipline Programme has three separate terms – Christmas/Easter/Summer.

· Certificates will be awarded at the close of each of the three terms.

· Certificates will be given to pupils who have not lost any stamps whatsoever, a 100% stamp total.

· Pupils who average 90% weekly over a school term, also qualify for certificates.

· A special certificate may also be awarded to the most improved pupil in a class, at the end of each term.

Long Term Rewards

· At the end of the school year, sometime in the final term, a special treat or unique occasion will be organised as a whole-school event. The pupils who have gained a yearly stamp average of 90% or above, will qualify for this special reward.

· Events such as field trips, trips to places of educational importance and the annual school tour, will be for pupils who have reached a target or average of 85% over a defined and designated period of time. For example, this could be over one school term, a specific time period of three or four or five weeks.


· A pupil who does not reach a target of five stamps on a particular week will have his name recorded on computer file, along with details of his misconduct. Parents will be informed in writing if this occurs.

· If this low scoring continues, the boy, along with a parent or guardian, will be requested (in writing) to meet with the class teacher and the Principal.

· At this Disciplinary Hearing both sides of the events and misbehaviours will be heard and discussed.

· Suggestions will be made, assistance will be given and future behaviour in school and in the playground will be agreed.
In circular 20/90 the Department of Education and Science presented a suggested Code of Behaviour and Discipline for National Schools

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