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June Newsletter 2019

Dear Parents,
The end of our academic year approaches and I wish to thank you for your continued support throughout the build and especially this year where we have moved into our new building. We are now celebrating a very special opening year.
Please find enclosed in this pack your child’s booklist(s), uniform list, school calendar and other pieces of information required for our new school year. School reports were issued online and are continually visible on Aladdin. If you have not yet downloaded the Aladdin App, and are experiencing difficulty, please call into Clara in the office and she will help you out.
School calendar: the calendar contains many of the important days for the year ahead. We will also populate the Aladdin Calendar so you will access it online. The fun run, Grandparents day, World Book day, parent teacher meetings, school holidays are all marked on it. There will also be 2 separate closure days next year to facilitate whole school training and we will inform you of those dates when the Department notifies us.
The first important date for you as parents will be September 25th 2019 when we will have an antibullying talk by Mrs. Barron about how the CBS anti-bullying policy works and how parents can support the school to educate our pupils about bullying. This short talk will be followed by our Parents Association AGM. So why not make an evening of it, come along, meet other parents and enjoy some refreshments too.
Payments: As requested by parents, we will put all payments on Aladdin so parents can make payments over the summer. These will be up in the first week in July. The payments will be for everything we have lined up for the coming year and will include book rental, arts and crafts, swimming, dance and an option of making a preliminary payment on the school tour. It may look like a lot initially but it is similar to what you have already paid throughout this year albeit set out in one itemised notice. We hope this will ease the financial burden on families and offer an easier way to budget.  There is no pressure to have this paid by September as some of the activities will not be done until later in the year anyway.
Book Rental: We offer a rental scheme for books that children do not write into. We normally ask if you want to opt into the book rental scheme and over the last number of years no one has opted out. We therefore assume you are all opting in. However, if you don’t pay the book rental online or through the office (Clara is there for the first week of July) we take it that you are opting out of the scheme. Opting out of the scheme means that you will purchase all the books on the booklist. (The cost will be significantly higher if you opt out)
There will also be the option to pay the Voluntary Contribution online. This payment goes to our Parents association to support us with curriculum development and various other programmes which benefit the children in our school.
Teachers: due to the growth of our school we will have a number of new teachers and S.N.A.S joining us in September. As these teachers have not been appointed yet you will notice your child may not have an allocated teacher on his/her booklist. We will inform you of those appointments as they are made throughout the Summer. Our class divisions at the moment are:  Junior infants X2 classes   Senior Infants  1st Class   2nd Class   2nd and 3rd Class (current 1st and 2nd moving on together)  4th class   5th Class  6th Class
While we only have one split class for the coming year, due to increasing numbers we may need to make splits over the coming years and parents should be aware of this. (A split is where a class grouping is too big for a single teacher and the children are then split across two rooms and usually with another class level in the same room). Class splits are common in many schools and are a great way for children to make many new and long term friendships.
School times: School will reopen at the NEW TIME of 9:00am on Thursday 29th August. We will close at 1.40 and 2.40 respectively. (New infant children have a separate timetable for the first few weeks). Afterschool will operate from 1.40 – 2.40 for infant children as normal. We had some request for a longer afterschool service but we will not be able to provide this service as we don’t have the facilities to cater for children for longer periods afterschool. There are a number of local afterschool providers who pick up from our school and look after children for extended periods. A ‘Google’ search will help you find these providers.
Summer office hours: the office will be attended for the first week in July. After this please phone and leave a message or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We will finish school at 12pm on Friday 28th June. We wish you a safe and happy summer and look forward to seeing all our boys and girls again on August 29th.

Thank you.
Vicky Barron,
School Principal.

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