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June Newsletter 2014




The professional photographer will return to the school tomorrow, Wednesday 11th June, to take photographs of each class. The photographs are being taken for our school records. I ask that the boys wear their full uniform on the day.


BOOK LISTS 2014/2015

The book lists for the coming school year will be distributed during the week. There hasn’t been any increase in the charge to participate in the Book Rental scheme since we introduced it a number of years ago. The vast majority of families opt in to the Book Rental scheme. We would appreciate receiving all Book Rental forms by Friday 20th June, confirming that you will or won’t be participating in the scheme. If your son will be availing of the scheme we ask that the payment is made on or before Friday 20th June. You might also like to make some of the other contributions before the end of this school year. The Photocopying and Art charge per pupil also remains the same at €20. As you can imagine, the costs associated with those two items are quite high and the €20 contribution is very important to the school’s finances. The iPads have been getting great use since we introduced them during this school year. The total cost of the project was €17,957. You will be aware that we introduced a yearly iPad charge of €10 from the beginning of this school year. We feel that those three contributions, Book Rental, Photocopying and Art, iPad, represent very good value for money. A reminder that we greatly appreciate the €30 per family contribution which goes to the Parents’ Council for use in assisting the school in a variety of ways, in particular, with I.T expenses.



The Rental Books will be collected by the class teachers on Monday 16th June.



We would greatly appreciate having assistance in preparing the Rental Books for the next school year. This work will be on-going for two weeks, beginning on Tuesday 17th June. If you feel that you would be in a position to volunteer some time please make contact with our school secretary, Mary Goodison.



One of the big events each year is the Sports Day and B.B.Q. Last year’s day in the Rugby Club was another great success. We greatly appreciate that Wexford Wanderers Rugby Club make their grounds at Park Lane available to us, free of charge. The day is a reward to the boys for their good behaviour. Pupils need 85% of their positive Discipline stamps to participate. We’re looking forward to another great day on Wednesday 18th June in Park Lane. In the event of inclement weather we have Thursday 19th June as the first back-up date and the third option will be Tuesday 24th June. Parents and other family members will be most welcome to attend. A reminder that our pupils will receive their BBQ food first and then we will have food available for families.



Thanks to the parents who donated books, toys, games and other educational resources for use in our junior classes from September 2014, Junior Infants, Senior Infants and 1st Class,. We will gladly accept further donations if you would like to drop them in to the office before the end of June.



The reports will be posted on Monday 16th June. We would appreciate receiving a stamped addressed envelope for each pupil.



The attendance for May was 94.2%. On the final day of the school year we will present €10 gift vouchers for the Book Centre to all pupils who have 100% attendance for the year.



The following 36 extra hours were worked by teachers, outside regular school opening times, during the current school year:

Staff meetings – 14 hours, Literacy – 4 hours, Learning Support/Resource – 2 hours, Parent/Teacher

Meetings – 3 hours, Policies – 9 hours, First Aid – 2 hours, Anti-bullying – 2 hours.



This school year will finish on Friday 27th June at 12.45p.m.



The new school year will commence on Monday 1st September.



On behalf of everybody in C.B.S. Primary School I thank you for your on-going support. It is greatly appreciated. I wish you and your family an enjoyable Summer.


Jos Furlong


10th June 2014


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