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Homework Policy

Homework or “home-learning” is highly valued in C.B.S. Primary. It is an essential facet of our pupils’ education.


· Homework helps to re-enforce and consolidate school learning.

· It helps to develop responsibility in pupils.

· Homework develops memory and concentration.

· It affords parents the opportunity to take an active part in their children’s education.

· Homework can help parents to identify areas of difficulty being experienced by pupils.

· It is a further link between home and school.


· The most important role for parents is that of showing interest, encouraging and praising the work of their children.

· Parents need to enable their children to do their homework on their own – help should only be given when necessary.

· Checking of homework by a parent is an opportunity to affirm the pupil’s work.

· It is important that parents do not transfer any negative feelings that they may have about certain subjects, for example, Irish, Maths or any other subject.

· Parents can greatly assist their children by creating a quiet environment suitable for doing homework.

· The timing of when homework is to be done could be decided by the parent and the child.


· Assigned homework may consist of written work, oral work and reading, all of which are of equal importance. Assignments and project work may at times be part of homework.

· The core subjects, English, Irish and Maths will feature most regularly.

· Assigning homework at the weekend will be at the discretion of the class teacher.

· The suggested times that pupils should spend on their homework are as follows:

2nd Class – up to 20 minutes

3rd Class – up to 30 minutes

4th Class – up to 40 minutes

5th Class – up to 50 minutes

6th Class – up to 60 minutes

· Parents are asked to sign the homework journal and record the time spent by the pupil at the assigned work. By doing so parents are aware of their son’s work. Parents can also be in touch with their son’s behaviour by observing the daily awarding of stamps for good behaviour.

· One hour should be the maximum amount of time spent at homework. Parents may “sign off” at 60 minutes once they are satisfied that a fair and honest attempt has been made.


· The teacher is responsible for assigning appropriate and relevant homework.

· The child’s ability will be taken into account.

· Pupils attending the Learning Support or Resource teachers may have homework assigned by these teachers.

· Work, which has been assigned, will be corrected by the teacher or the pupils.

· The teacher will encourage the pupils to take home only those books and copies which are needed to complete a particular night’s homework.

· Having taken account of a pupil’s ability, poorly completed work or homework not attempted will lead to a loss of Positive Discipline Stamps. Incomplete or non-attempted work must be completed.

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