Healthy Eating

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Healthy Eating

  1. foodpyramidC.B.S. Primary School through these guidelines aims to help all those involved in our school community, children, staff and parents, in developing positive and responsible attitudes to eating and to appreciate the contribution that good food makes to health.

a)    Nutrition – Food is known to be one of the key factors influencing health.  School children and staff may eat one of their main daily meals within the school.  Food is often a feature of school celebrations.  The curriculum provides an opportunity to teach about food and healthy lifestyles.

b)    A healthy lunchbox includes a piece of food from the first four shelves of the food pyramid.

 c)     Chips, burgers etc. are not seen as a healthy choice for lunch and therefore, cannot be consumed during school hours.  As a result, it is felt that, from Sept 06’ boys will no longer need to leave the school during lunch break, unless returning home.

d)    Some of the healthy snacks that we encourage for the small break include fruit, flapjacks, yogurt, fromage frais, crackers, scones, plain buns, fruit cake and brack.

e)    On Fridays only, boys can include one piece of food from the top shelf of the food pyramid, other than crisps & fizzy drinks.

f)     Cans and glasses are not permitted for safety and litter reasons.  Healthier choices of drink include water, milk and unsweetened juice.

3.     Foods, which have wrappers, are to be kept at a minimum and disposed of properly i.e brought home, to reduce litter and protect our school environment.

4.     All classes will receive a minimum of 2 lessons on healthy eating.

5.     Teachers will provide positive modelling and supportive attitudes to encourage healthy eating.

6.     In early September the Healthy Eating Guidelines will be reviewed annually and a Healthy Eating Awareness week held.

7.     During the Healthy Eating Awareness Week an information evening will be offered to all parents.

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