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  • CBS Primary School, Wexford

Fourth Class Booklist

3rd/4th CLASS BOOK LIST 2017/2018



The following books will be the core books in the fourth class Book Rental Scheme. The full price of each book is recorded below. To purchase the books new would cost in excess of €108. All 9 books will be available to rent for a total price of €35.


RELIGION                    Grow in Love 3rd class             Veritas         €12.99


GAEILGE                      Bun go Barr 4                              Edco                €18.15


ENGLISH                      Blue Skies (Starways)                 Fallons            €17.25

                                        A Way With Words 4th Class  Fallons            €10.50

                                        Reasons to Write 4                      Edco                €9.95

MATHS                         Busy at Maths 4                           Fallons            €18.10


S.E.S.E.(Social, Environmental & Scientific Education)            Earthlink 4 (textbook only)      Folens      €10.00


2.WORKBOOKS To be Purchased

ENGLISH                     Spellcheck 4                   Folens             €6.30

New Wave English in Practice 4               Prim-Ed             €6.99

MATHS                        Brain Teasers 4                              Fallons             €8.40

                                       Busy at Maths  Shadow Book 4        Fallons        €7.50

New Wave Mental Maths 4th class            Prim-Ed           €6.99

HANDWRITING          Just Handwriting Cursive  3rd Class       €4.95

GEOGRAPHY               All Around Me Primary Atlas               Edco                €12.95


3. SCHOOL REQUISITES To be purchased

C.B.S. Primary Homework Journal (only available in school) €3.50
Calculator Sharp EL-240 SAB €4.99 Earphones for use with iPads English Dictionary
10x120page writing Copies 2 Pencils  A4 Ringbinder 2 Red Pens
2x 88 page Maths copies Maths Copies Rubber 1 x 30 cm Ruler Pencil Case
1 B4 Handwriting Copy  Topper Pritt Stick (labelled with name) 1 88 page copy
Colouring Pencils or crayons 1 small scissors



  • Parents’ Council Contribution €30 (per family)
  • Photocopying & Art €20 (Photocopying €12 & Art €8)