• CBS Primary School, Wexford


How do I meet the class teacher?

There is a formal parent – teacher meeting every year in November. Parents may make an appointment to see the class teacher or the Principal at any mutually convenient time.

How do I receive information from the school?

The school uses a communication application called Aladdin. Aladdin is a fantastic tool where parents have access to all of their child’s details. Parents can schedule their own parent teacher meetings. They will receive regular communication about what is going on in the school, the class teacher can contact parents directly. Payments can also be made securely through the app. A newsletter is brought home every month by the boys. The latest news will also be posted, together with previous newsletters, on the website on the newsletter page

Where can I find out about school policies?

A selection of school policies can be found on the Website in the Policies page

Why are crisp-type snacks not allowed?

The eating of crisp-type snacks is not a healthy option. As part of our promotion of Healthy Eating and Healthy Lifestyles, our pupils are not allowed to eat crisp-type snacks during school hours.

Why are fizzy drinks not allowed?

Many foods and drinks contain sugar. While our bodies need some sugar, research is showing that a high sugar intake can lead to hyperactivity and in the long-term is unhealthy. Fizzy drinks contain a lot of sugar. This, combined with the acid which is present, can also cause tooth decay. Children are encouraged to make healthy choices e.g. water, milk and unsweetened fruit juices (no added sugar).

Who are the members of the Board of Management?

The BOM members’ names may be found on the website in the Partners & Friends page

Who decides when the school holidays are taken?

Some school closures are set by the Department of Education and Science and are standardised throughout the country. These are: Halloween Break, Christmas and Easter Holidays. The mid-term break in February can either be a two-day or a five-day break. In a school year there will always be some flexibile days. School holidays and any other school closures are ratified by our Board of Management.

What is the Voluntary Contribution?

A voluntary contribution of €50 per family is collected annually by the Parents’ Council. Money collected in the past two school years was used to support many school projects.

When does school begin and finish?

School starts at 9.00am and finishes at 2.40pm. Junior and Senior Infants will finish at 1.40pm.

When are staff meetings held?

Staff meetings are held on the last Thursday of every month after school

When does my child need a note?

A note is needed in cases of absence, when a pupil is late for school, or for permission to leave the school before the end of the school day. In general, any special request should be put in writing.
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