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The Department of Education and Skills has developed an electronic database of primary school pupils called the Primary Online Database (POD) which involves schools maintaining and returning data on pupils to the Department at individual pupil level on a live system. This information will be used to evaluate progress and outcomes of pupils at primary level, to validate school enrolment returns for grant payment and teacher allocation purposes, to follow up on pupils who do not make the transfer from primary to post primary level and for statistical reporting. The database will hold data on all primary school pupils. The database will also contain, on an optional basis, information on the pupil’s religion and on their ethnic background. The data required for POD is marked with an asterisk* and will only be uploaded to POD if your child is enrolled. All other data we need for the efficient running of the school.

Child's Name
Child's Details

(In the case of dual citizenship where Irish is one, please choose Irish)

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I consent for the sensitive personal data in the two questions above to be stored on the Primary Online Database (POD) and transferred to the Department of Education and Skills and any other primary schools my child may transfer to during the course of their time in primary school.*

The following information is required for the efficient running of the school and will not be uploaded to POD
Guardian Details & School Info
Medical Information
Lesson info
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